Stacked Bar with text labels on it

Hi All,
when the splitted values are too much appart from each other, the stacked bar visualization is difficult to read. I would like to have fixed sized splits with text labels on them.
See the picture below:

  1. is the right most visualization possible in Kibana ?

  2. would that be achievable using Vega ?

So basically you want to represent the value as a color but not as the size? In this case I feel like heatmap is the best option. You can try with Lens both with filters or top values aggregation:

Here is example config for one of the aggregation you'd need:

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 13.34.58

You could definitely use Vega to achieve it, but it's not trivial.

Hallo @Marta_Bondyra , thanks for your answer.
Putting a text label on the bar ist not possible with Kibana , right ?

I thought about the heat-map , but it does not really fit to one of my specific case , as on the y-axis , I would have too many elements.
I am trying to visualize test sets per test pc . In this case I would have about 60 test suites and 300 test sets.

If I implement it with heat-map , I end up with a huge graphic.

This is a drawing of which I would like to visualize:

I think this kind of visualization can only be done with vega ?
What do you think ?

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