Reformat Visualization to make it more readable


I have created a visualization as follows

r, m, s are the various accounts and I have filtered it on 1001, 2001, 3001 and 4001

I would like this visualization to be displayed as follows


Can someone help me resolve this. I had tried various options but could not get the required visualization.



I presume that the "1001", "2001", ... are filters in the top bucket aggregation, followed by a terms aggregation under it?

It's not possible now to do that now with the data table visualization. It organizes the results in the hierarchy. You can always submit an enhancement request here:

Although I'm not 100% sure of this will get you there, but I'd consider taking a look into the Vega visualization. It allows you to use the Vega markup language in Kibana. It will give you more flexibility in how to lay-out your data.

Yes, "1001"....are filters, followed by terms aggregation. I will look at the Vega markup language.



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