Kibana group visualization


i try to build an visualization ( vertical bar ) , where i can group my elements.

For example:


--> in legend visible as server-prod


--> in legend visible as server-test

I already tried to do this with Exclude and added ".test-" in exclude and group all others with the name "server-prod". But how can do the same with "server-test" now ?

the problem in this case is, that i want to use something like ".test." and ".prod." because i dont want to update the visualization when 50 new servers comes in.

How can I group something in a visualization ?

Have you tried using the Filters aggregation? You could create buckets like "server-prod-*", "server-test-*", etc.

no, i never used the filters aggregation.

i need some help with it:
what i need to enter in it ?

"server-prod" : { "match" : { "server.type" : "server-prod-*" }}

is not working.

The documentation has always long code snippets for Dev Tools. I may be wrong but i think this is not the right syntax or ?

When you create a visualization, one of the bucket aggregations that you can select is the "filters" aggregation, which allows you to specify a search for each bucket. I'm suggesting you do something like this:

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Thank you very much!

This was solving my issue:
server.type: server-prod-*

not server.type: server-prod-*

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