Database stored procedure reading output

I have searched and found some articles that describe how to set up data capture from a stored procedure, but I do not understand the conversations, so cannot convert into a concise description of what is required to make it work.

I have not yet even worked out how to set up capture configuration, hopefully that is well defined somewhere.

What I want to do is make a secure (ie no passwords visible) connection to an oracle database. Run a stored procedure, get a bunch of data back (many columns and rows) and store that into an elastic store.

The end result is to visualise the stored data and build alarms accordingly.

Is there any documentation on how to achieve this?

Many thanks

What does the data output from the database look like?

The stored procedure isn't yet written so could most likely be of a variety of forms depending on what kibana requires.

What I was hoping for was a guide on how to set up kibana such that it can request the data from a stored procedure (package/procedure) and load that into elastic such that it can then be display and alarmed on.

Kibana cannot do that, you'd need to use Logstash with it's JDBC input.

thanks. Is there any documentation to that effect that you know of?

Yep, Jdbc input plugin | Logstash Reference [7.15] | Elastic


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