[DataTable]The problems about DataTable

I have two problems about use of DataTable:
First,When use Avg Aggregation Metric with JSON input,may be the aggregate result is null,then kibana will throws an error:6 of 24 shards failed,as follows:

and is there any solutions.
Second,When use Date Histogram,the interval will change follows the time range,as follows:I set the interval is 5 minutes,but shows interval is 3 houres.
I hope 5 minutes and is there any solutions.

Wouldn't it be much easier to apply a filter or query to your table instead of trying to use JSON input?

What is the error you see when hovering over the interval error? Could be that your time range is so long the max. amount of buckets will be exceeded (I think it's 2000 by default, you should be able to change this in the default settings but it might affect performance).

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