Date format issue when reading data from ElasticSearch

i'm reading data from elasticsearch . when i visualize date format on kibana it shows
Date Aug 5, 2020 @ 23:00:00.000 => so it's correct
but when i'm reading it from elasticsearch to do some machine learning ,
i noticed that date format is taken wrong
Date 1.596665e+12

i'm collecting the content of the index into a dataframe with pyspark and i can do it in scala if there's any solution
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
from pandasticsearch import Select

Connection to ElasticSearch

es = Elasticsearch(['http://localhost:9200'],timeout=600)
documents ='sub1',body={})

Convert the result to Pandas Dataframe

pandas_df = Select.from_dict(documents).to_pandas()
it shows wrong date format , so how can i solve it ? any help ?
thank u

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