Date Histogram not showing Vertical bar chart

I am storing application build logs in an Elasticsearch index; Same index configured in Kibana as an index pattern for creating Visualization. I am able to search data on behalf of that index in Discover tab. Now when I am trying to create a Vertical Bar Chart visualization then its not showing a vertical bar chart.

In Vertical Bar chart I selected count for Y-Axis and Date Histogram interval monthly on the date field(buildDate) . Whereas data is available for Date Histogram [See 5 records is shown in table]. I have attached table value and bar chart here.

Data are not displaying in vertical bar chart.

Any suggestion ? Am I doing something wrong here?

which version of kibana are you using ?
can you check browser console for any errors ?
I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

I am using Kibana Version: 5.1.1.

Getting below error message in JS console:

Error: this._attr is undefined

Looks like a bug. Could you help me narrow it down ? Does it only happen when you select monthly interval ? have you tried other field, other index, other aggregation type ? Have you changed any options ?


Thanks for your response.

This issue persists with all intervals.

Yes, I tried with other index, but the same set of data still facing the same issue.
It's working fine with other aggregation type.

The same issue with other fields.

No, I haven't change any option.

This sounds like the issue described in

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Correct. This is the similar issue with Area Chart. I am linking this thread with the issue. Thanks.

Great, this should be fixed in the next patch release (5.1.2) then.

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