Date Histogram X axis bounds

I want to compare two date histograms in a dashboard, but the data in the aggregations does not cover the same time range. How can I get a graph that is bounded to the date-filter of the whole dashboard rather than the bounding it by the data in the graph individually?
Thanks! Dan.

Just to be clear on your question. You're creating two separate visualizations, then including them both on a dashboard. At that point are you adjusting the time on the dashboard to a date range that covers both of your visualizations? Or are you trying to plot them both on the same visualization?

Hi David,
I’m adding them to a dashboard so I can compare them side by side but without them being in the same chart.
The problem is that both limit their time range to the first element and last element in their bucket, and not the begining/end of the date selection for the dashboard.
Does that make sense?

I’m sure there used to be an option somewhere to set it to the range of the filter, but I can’t find it. I guess I can use the advanced JSON to modify the aggregation to also return empty buckets for the full range? I’ll get around to testing that soon…


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The dashboard global time should always set the time range for the visualizations. How are you setting the time range for the visualizations themselves?

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