Set extended_bounds according to the time in Kibana


I'm creating a date histogram visualization, and I want to use extended_bounds to extend the bounds of the histogram beyond the data itself. So is it possible to make the bounds change according to the time in Kibana?

Right now if I set the bounds to a very large period, it looks like this.

Is it possible that when I change the time period in Kibana(top right corner), then these extened_bound(min and max) can change accordingly?


Hi Reggie,

Just so I understand, are you asking if there is a way to apply a fixed offset to the time range, so that as you change the time range, the visualization will display that range plus an offset?


Hi CJ,

Sorry I didn't get you. The reason I use extended_bound is to fill those empty buckets so it will display zero values.

I mean when I set the extended_bound to be min:a and max:b. The visualization will show that time range. As you can see in the image, the min is 2018-07-07 and the max is 2018-10-13(the entire visualization). And the time range I set in Kibana is 2018-07-07 to 2018-08(the white part in the visualization).

When I change the Kibana time range(as long as it's between the extended_bounds), only the white part changes. Now I hope the extended_bound can be a dynamic one, always changing, being the same to the Kibana time range, which means the time range of the entire visualization will be the same to the Kibana time range. Is this possible?

Hi Reggie
Unfortunately there is no way to make extended_bound dependent on the date range selected on the dashboard. If you want to submit a feature request with the use case you have, we'll consider it.
Take care

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