Date in index is different from the one visualized in kibana

I had sent the data below on an index


This is how it looks in Kibana

"_index": "cthtranshourly",
"_type": "logs",
"_id": "2017111323",
"_score": 1,
"_source": {
"date": "2017-11-13T23:00:00",
"count": 54505
"fields": {
"date": [

Not sure why but the date it displays for this point in kibana is 2017-11-14T04:30:00

Please help.

Kibana converts UTC timestamps to whatever timezone the browser is set as.

Thanks alot @warkolm. What is the solution if I want to keep the same time in visualtization. Or the time being sent is in PST.

You can specify a timezone in advanced options -

But if the time in Elasticsearch is supposed to be in PST then maybe you should convert that to UTC, so when Kibana does show it it will be correct for the browser.

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