Date range doesn't have effect in Dashboard, missing in Explore

Hi, I'm trying to solve a problem with the date range not appearing in the Explore page, and if I adjust the filter in a Dashboard, it has no effect on Data. Here's are the details:

  • Kibana 7.1.0
  • created a visualization which is added to the dashboard
  • date range UI is missing from Explore page
  • date range UI has no effect on the data in a Dashboard using said visualization
  • index pattern contains a date field that is type date
  • I don't see a way in the visualization builder to add date as a filterable field


Date type field in index management

This date range has no effect on dashboard data

Does anyone know what is going on here? Thanks, let me know if you need any more details.

When you created the index pattern, in this step:

You chose "I don't want to use a time filter".

To use the time picker in the top right, you have to select the field you want to bind it to in this step.

Recreate your index pattern, then it should work both in Dashboard and Discover.

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@flash1293 That was exactly what I needed to do. Many thanks!

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