Debug loggers on Node JS in Kibana

Hi, I am using Kibana3 and now I am in the need to enable DEBUG on Node.js to get more loggers as my Kibana instance going down frequently. I explored a few and looks like which suits for Kibana4 as I am not seeing kibana.yml, etc. I have installed Kibana via RPM into Linux distribution.


Kibana 3 did not have a server, so no Node.js. Node.js was included starting with Kibana 4.

Thanks. Read this from the article What are the main functional differences between Kibana 3 and Kibana 4?.

But still we are bringing up the Kibana3 instance as "node /kibana/app.js" so i am not quite clear. Can you advise how we can enable DEBUG on Kibana-3 somehow?

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