Decompressing Elasticsearch 2 snapshot metadata


I used to be able to manually decompress Elasticsearch 1.7 snapshot metadata (and thus read index settings and mappings) by using a LZF decompressor. With Elasticsearch 2.x this appears to be no longer the case. How can I manually decompress the new snapshot metadata files?


What is ES1, ES2? Sorry I don't understand the question.

I edited the question to clarify.

I have no idea but @Igor_Motov might know.

Wondering why you are doing that though?

Because I need to extract the mappings from a large snapshot and I don't want to restore it.

It is quite complicated now due to the format change. The metadata is now stored in SMILE format (not JSON as it was before) and is preceded by a header with format version and followed by footer with checksum that is checked during restore to make sure the file wasn't corrupted. You can find a snippet of the code that reads these files here