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Dear all,
I'm collect data from Nginx, apache, linux SO, using metribeat, the data arrive in to the index and I use standard dashboard to graph the data, I'm changing the source data, as example changing the index and field form was just filled. When I start to collect information from iis when I use dashboard I have no data because the field form is empty, someone did have the same problem?

thanks for your time

I'm not sure I understand your problem. Could you take a screenshot and share it?

Thank you

this is the Field and it is empty, also when I choose the correct index.
When I collect data from linux systems and the data arrive into a not standard index ex. myindex.metricbeat I only have to change the index pattern into Options Tab and automatically I have field filled and graph is showed up. In this case Field is always empty.
Have you an idea about it? The only different in this case is that a windows server send data using metricbeat
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