Default Route for specific spaces

Hi, I read somewhere that each space can now have its own default route via the advanced settings page. However, i only appear to be able to see an advanced settings option under the kibana menu item for the Default space. My version number is 7.8.0
When I click into other spaces, I do not have the menu item, Advanced Settings.
I see the following notification when I go into Advanced Settings,
The settings on this page apply to the Default space, unless otherwise specified.
Am I missing something here ..?

Hi @Lambo1971,

Make sure you have the permissions to create a new space, then go to the Default one and you should be able to set custom URL identifier:

It should be available in 7.8

Upd: As stated on that page, URL identifier cannot be changed for an existing space.

Regards, Dzmitry

Thanks @Dzmitry , but if I wanted someone to land on a dashboard when they open that space I can't do it via URL-Identifier can I. ..? Whereas I can by using Default Route under advanced settings for the default space ..?

I just played around and Default Route under Advanced Settings is applied only for the default space.
So if you change it to app/dashboard, then selecting Default space on /spaces/space_selector will redirect you straight to dashboard.

However, for other spaces you will be navigated to Home as before. URL-Identifier is simply for custom space name in URL, but not to change the default route on opening space.

Regards, Dzmitry

Hi @Dzmitry according to @joshdover it is possible but I can't find an individual Advanced Settings [age for each space ..?
See here to previous discussion,

Hi @Lambo1971,

Josh is right, you can set it for custom space.
As long as you have user permissions to access Stack Management and Advanced Settings are visible in your space, you can go to it and change those settings. They can be customised per space.

Sorry for confusion :slight_smile:

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