Define global variables for the Kibana watches



I have several Kibana watches using the same variables in their query, e.g. k8s_env in this example watch query

          "must": [
              "query_string": {
                "query": "error" AND k8s_env:(\”abc-prod\" OR \"def-prod\" OR \”xyz-prod\")
                "analyze_wildcard": true
            }, ….

If I need to change the variable k8s_env anytime to make changes to the environments, I need to change the body of each watch and I have too many of those watches.

I am looking to define a global variable ‘k8s_env’ somewhere, so that it is available to the watches and hence when our environments change, I need to make the change only in one place in the config file and not all the watches which I do now.
So my questions are:

  • Where do I define a global variable so that it is available to the watches?
  • Is there a PUT API that I can use to PUT or define some variables so the watches can access them?

We deploy elastic search and the kibana watches using ansible.

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This kind of global variable functionality would need to be added to Elasticsearch. Could you please file an enhancement request on the ES repo?


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