Define the index with same UUID ID

Can we re-create the index with same UUID, If not how can we acheive below objective.

Objective is to recreate the index and recover it visualization in Kibana. For Kibana visualization we have taken the back.

Is there any correlation between below 3

  1. Index UUID "uuid": "ZcPBmppATpy6y3F70UDUqg".
  2. "kibanaSavedObjectMeta": {
    "searchSourceJSON": "{"index":**_"de000c70-37ba-11e8-97dd-c53bd101aac6_**
  3. UUID created in folder used in UUID 14fd81f1-a86d-4ce2-9015-875ba98b0754

"index": {
"creation_date": "1524023960358",
"number_of_shards": "5",
"number_of_replicas": "1",
"uuid": "ZcPBmppATpy6y3F70UDUqg",
"version": {
"created": "6020199"
"provided_name": "poc"

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