Defining drill-downs per visualization a tad tedious?

...or am I just lazy?

I have several dashboards that show various metrics, such as memory usage and CPU usage, by "job" name. Each dashboard has several "... by Job Name" visualizations.

For each ".. by Job Name" viz, I've defined the same "View job details" drill-down to the same Job Details dashboard. Where the "top-level" dashboards break down data by job name from a particular angle (such as CPU usage or memory usage), the Job Details dashboard is designed to present details about a single job name from multiple angles.

I understand the flexibility that stems from defining drill-downs per visualization—clicking a job name in different charts might go to different dashboards—but for my use case, it means defining the same "View job details" drill-down multiple times.

This is not a complaint. Rather, it's an observation, to see if anyone else has thoughts on this. I don't have a clear feature request in mind, although I can vaguely imagine some "global" drill-down definition ("Whenever a job name is clicked—in any viz, in any dashboard, in this space—offer the option to go to this dashboard.").

Possibly too much info: the original set of dashboards, with the "... by Job Name" visualizations, can, of course, be filtered to show only a single job name. One issue there (although, not the only issue), is what I call Fat Single Bar Syndrome (I'm working on the hyphenation :wink: ): charts designed to show multiple job names, now showing only a single job name; not an optimal use of "dashboard real estate".


Agreed there is room for improvement here. Sounds like this issue is along the lines of what you're thinking? Feel free to comment there if you like.


Hi @Aaron_Caldwell , thanks for the link to that issue. Yes, I've added a comment there.

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