Defining "valueType" in Kibana 5.0 script

How can I define valueType in Kibana 5.0 script? I am trying to define the following script:
{ "script": { "lang": "painless", "inline": "doc['someField'].value", "valueType": "string" } }

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Trying to define valueType in Kibana 5 yields the following error:
Visualize: [script_parse_exception] unexpected field [valueType]



I'm moving this thread to the Elasticsearch category as this is more of an Elasticsearch question at this point.

It seems like valueType is no longer a part of the scripting syntax, per That might explain why you are getting this error in 5.0.

Thanks. So what should be my course of action?

Eventually, I want to create a a JSON Input script on a number field that manipulates its numeric value and returns a string (to be more concrete, the field holds duration in seconds and I want Kibana's visualization to display it as xx:yy where xx is the number of minutes and yy is the number of seconds).

Any suggestions?



In Kibana 5.0.0, a scripted field can be of type

  1. number
  2. string
  3. date
  4. boolean

I didn't try the other types besides number but I assume the string type, combined with painless script can be used to achieve what I was looking for.