Delete fields from Kibana index pattern

Earlier I had created few extra fields from logstash, now I don't want these fields in my index pattern.

I have deleted this from my logstash and after that I restarted kibana, elasticsearch and logstash

I am not seeing these fields in discover, however this is still there in Indexpattern. Can you please help me in deleting this from index pattern

The Kibana index pattern fetches these fields from the mapping of your indices. You have to delete and re-index the indices still containing the field with the updated mapping. Then you can go to the index pattern management page in Kibana and refresh the index pattern there using the reload button in the top right. This should remove the fields from the index pattern as well.

Hi Joe,

I have createdmany scripted fields and visualization/Dashboard as well. I am afraid that might get deleted too.

Visualizations, dashboards and scripted fields are stored in the special .kibana index, not along with your data. Doing this will not change the saved objects. You just have to makes sure to put the updated index under the same name after you are done.

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Thanks a lot , it worked :slight_smile:

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