Delete index pattern names

I have a problem generating to heavy a log system.
Now our current Kibana shows 15067 fields in my logstash-* index pattern. This should not be this much.

How do I delete names I do not want to index ?
I think I must correct the mappings for my index right ?
And how do I do the above without having to loose old logs data and keep using my dashboard and visualisation ?

I know that I can tell it to be more stricst in elasticsearch.yml with new name fields by adding this line:
action.auto_create_index: +field value, +another field value*

Hope you can give me some pointers

You could use the source filters in Kibana to limit the number of fields that you want to get from ES.
Go to Management -> Index Patterns -> Source filters and you can add fields there that you want excluded.

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