Is it possible to delete fields from Elasticsearch?

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I am ingesting data to elasticsearch using logstash and my indexes are created every month(sample-%{+YYYY.MM}).

sample-2018.04 and sample-2018.05 indexes have unwanted fields(nearly 8000 fields). Now, I've corrected my mistake in sample-2018.06(only 120 fields). But when I search in Index Patterns in Kibana, it still shows 8000 fields. So can someone please say,

  • If there is a way to delete fields in elasticsearch?

  • If I delete the old indexes, then I would only see 120 fields?

Having 8000 fields would definitely effect elasticsearch index performance which I am already experiencing. Please shed some light on this issue.


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How did you resolve the problem of getting rid of the unwanted fields?

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So, I am using kv filter without whitelisting the fields and the events somehow have payload in it which got splitted into dynamic key-value pairs. Now, I've included fields to be included as part of kv filter which would only give required fields.

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Any help here is highly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks

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