Delete Index and How to free up disk space

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using elastic 5.3.0

i was delete indices because "high disk watermark [90%]" warn.

but disk space did not free up yet

there is no "_optimze" method..

how to free up?

please help

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I'm surprised that removing indices does not free disk space.

What command did you run?

What gives

GET _cat/indices?v

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GET /_cat/indices?v&s=store.size:desc

result is...

yellow open   pf.raw.20170912  9QerYLinSqa3Jw-XyTNbJA   5   1  134610464            0    118.1gb        118.1gb
yellow open   pf.raw.20170913  xIEGzpbnTCCk4ZoX8LTR8Q   5   1   13990301            0     14.6gb         14.6gb
yellow open   pf.raw.apm.text  UwAyR9KCS2qGYMvs5fv23A   5   1     915432        12309    363.5mb        363.5mb
yellow open  o477cKFaQ9m1VIJyg2JcQQ   5   1      27466            0     52.9mb         52.9mb
yellow open  STPr_pY-SnW_4KLMydEZBA   5   1      47397            0     44.4mb         44.4mb
yellow open  ZyuidfvGQTKyvTCC3k462g   5   1      47202            0     44.3mb         44.3mb
yellow open  4IwYz60zSJSQy37OXflYAA   5   1      46840            0     44.1mb         44.1mb


GET /_cat/shards/pf.raw.20170913*
pf.raw.20170913 2 p STARTED    2943304 2.6gb a-5
pf.raw.20170913 2 r UNASSIGNED                            
pf.raw.20170913 3 p STARTED    2943290 2.8gb a-5
pf.raw.20170913 3 r UNASSIGNED                            
pf.raw.20170913 4 p STARTED    2943451 2.6gb a-5
pf.raw.20170913 4 r UNASSIGNED                            
pf.raw.20170913 1 p STARTED    2943932 2.6gb a-5
pf.raw.20170913 1 r UNASSIGNED                            
pf.raw.20170913 0 p STARTED    2942141 2.5gb a-5
pf.raw.20170913 0 r UNASSIGNED

(David Pilato) #4

Wanna remove index from yesterday?

DELETE pf.raw.20170912


(이상운) #5


i was delete older index , between 'pf.raw.20170501' ~ 'pf.raw.20170911'

there are delete successfully, and no longer can't search. but disk space not free..

(David Pilato) #6

How much disk space you have in total?

(이상운) #7

our disk space

1.9T/ 2.0T

Avail 53GB

(David Pilato) #8

The biggest index is 118.1gb as you pasted.

You should try to check in which dir exactly all the storage has gone IMO.

Can you check what is the disk space used by elasticsearch data dir?

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sorry, another directory problem...

thank you for help

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