Deleted .kibana_2 index and now kibana stopped running

I was deleting indexes and deleted .kibana_2 and after that my kibana stopped running. I have another index .kibana_1. Should I delete that too an drestart kibana? But how do i delete it? I cant access the dev tools page on kibana GUI to perform GET _cat/indexes?v

start, please set xpack.reporting.encryptionKey in kibana.yml
  log   [21:39:49.400] [info][status][plugin:reporting@7.4.0] Status changed from uninitialized to green - Ready
  log   [21:39:49.481] [info][migrations] Creating index .kibana_2.
  log   [21:39:49.507] [info][migrations] Creating index .kibana_task_manager_1.
  log   [21:39:49.853] [info][migrations] Pointing alias .kibana_task_manager to .kibana_task_manager_1.
  log   [21:39:49.905] [info][migrations] Reindexing .kibana to .kibana_1
  log   [21:39:49.958] [warning][migrations] Another Kibana instance appears to be migrating the index. Waiting for that migration to complete. If no other Kibana instance is attempting migrations, you can get past this message by deleting index .kibana_1 and restarting Kibana.
  log   [21:39:49.965] [info][migrations] Finished in 458ms.

Try deleting the 3 indexes: .kibana , .kibana_1 and .kibana_2 and restarting the kibana service and check the logs. This should work for you. Let us know


yellow open   logstash                 UBixB3wMSJmwoDaHeEOBcg   1   1     759725            0    274.2mb        274.2mb
green  open   .kibana_task_manager_1   ZgPpIuUyRzanjFOiom3FSg   1   0          2            4     45.6kb         45.6kb
yellow open   mehak                    N6ttCpigRuG6RRMH3kpD3g   1   1          0            0       283b           283b
green  open   .apm-agent-configuration WAdlGHwxSZCF3EQ8CzkeIA   1   0          0            0       283b           283b
green  open   kibana_sample_data_logs  ggwEDYXfRxem0CIsgOpssQ   1   0      14074            0     11.1mb         11.1mb
green  open   .kibana_1                F22MPzabTfyEamcqzkN_SQ   1   0          4            0     17.8kb         17.8kb
green  open   .tasks                   8HzlaiA-QZmYPGBhotuSJA   1   0          1            0      6.3kb          6.3kb

So which indexes should not be created?
And before i had multiple indexes created under multiple log files. But they arent creating now under same config files. Does it the stopping of multiple indexes being created have anything to do with the .kibana_1,2 indexes being deleted?

@rashmi, Also, I have filebeat running on a server and logstash running on my VM and I have given index format as

index => "DataEdgeAppServer"

but each time filebeat ships logs to logstash, they are collecting under new index created called - logstash. Is it due to ILM in action? Why even after manually typing index name, logstash configuration is using logstash as index name ?


Can you please provide the configuration for your Filebeat and Logstash instances.

also am cc'ing @andrewkroh for more inputs, if any.


Fixed the issue. Just restarted services and that format for index is incorrect. Index have to be lower case.

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