Deleting Elastic search index deleted kibana idexes and dashboard

Hi ,
Version - ELK 7.1.0
Cluster - Single node ELK cluster installed in AWS VM
Issue - deleted the elastic search index deleted kibana index and dashboard
I have used below command to delete elastic search index

curl -X DELETE 'http://localhost:9200/_all'

after deleting the indexes all my kibana indexes and dashboards are gone .
Is there any possibility atleast I can recover atleast Kibana dashboard ?

Appreciate the pointers !


Hopefully you have the saved objects backed up!

Before you delete everything, you'd want to go to Management > Kibana Saved Objects > "Export number objects"

Later, you can re-import the backed up saved objects from the same screen.

You could also use the Snapshot / Restore feature of Elasticsearch to back up entire indices, including the .kibana index.

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