Deleting Index and Reclaiming Space

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I have an a couple pretty big indexes that I need to delete. I know I can delete an index by using DELETE myindex the question is by simplying using the DELETE myindex command, will that be enough to delete the index and reclaim the space that index was holding or is there something else I need to do along with the DELETE command to also reclaim the space that the index was claiming.


Yes DELETE on an index will delete the index and reclaim the disk space.

Sometimes there is confusion with respect to deleting documents. if you delete just one or more documents within and index it is a "soft" delete and the space will not be reclaimed until at some point when the index's segments are merged.

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You hit the nail on the head to what I was confused on. Reading online I kept seeing things about merging and such. Thanks for the clarification. That helps a lot.


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