What is better to recover disk space

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Hello, I have 1 index per day.
I want to delete all my data that is older than 1 week, not to saturate my disk space.
What should I do for that :

  1. delete index (Delete Index)
  2. delete all documents of my index (Delete By Query API)
  3. Delete all documents of my index and then delete index
  4. Delete documents, shrink, delete index

Thank you for advance.

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Just delete the old indices, it's a super quick operation and the OS should be able to reclaim the space.

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Thank you.
Simple, good work Elastic.
I just tried, it work fine. No shrink necessity.


You could also use Curator. Set it up to delete indices, then run as a cron job. I do that, and it works a treat.

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Thank you, I will see that, if it's better than launching my shell script with crontab.

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