Deploy elastic-agent with cert?

I'm trying to deploy the agent but my kibana instance requires a certificate which won't let me connect to it. Is there a way to give it a certificate or another way around this?

fail to enroll: fail to execute request to Kibana: Post "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Good question for which I don't have the answer. But some random thoughts which popup:

  • Is this on a Linux or Windows system?
  • Is your CA certificate in the certificate store of your os?



Hi @elk6 Have a look at [Ingest management] Use insecure elasticsearch output managed in fleet mode for elastic agent and the linked issues. Unfortunately it is currently a common issue users hit in 7.9 (see and we are working on solutions. In the link threads you find potential workarounds.

It's linux. I just did -i for insecure connection.

Hi ruflin, thanks for the response. Loved your live demo!

I was able to connect with with an insecure connection ( I thought the point of all this was to eliminate all the massive headache of certificates). Now my only problem is that I don't see anything in my dataset, even though my agent is live, shows no errors, and is set to collect system and apache intergrations.

Would be great if we would have solve all the certificate issue. We kind of have when you use our Elastic Cloud as there all the certificates are known. If you run it on your own, you will still have to deal with all the certificate stuff.

Can you check the filebeat logs under data on the agent side if you see any errors in there? We don't bubble up these connections in a good way yet :frowning:

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