Deploy ELK platinum in on-prem server

Hi Team,
If we go for platinum subscription for ELK stack, can we deploy it on-prem server?

I need your help.

Yes you can

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Thanks for your reply.

Can you share steps to subscription for ELK stack on prem-server?

Just deploy ELK on your prem serveur and then Ask Elastic Sales team to provide the required subscription, it's annually based on number of elasticsearch nodes.

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Thank your reply.
What is the cost of self-management ELK stack per one elasticsearch node?

Hi @EdisonDevadoss

You will need to contact sales we do not publicly post self managed license costs.

I add, Elastic Cloud is very cost effective for small clusters if that's what you're looking for / will support your use case
We do publish Elastic Cloud pricing.

Cloud Pricing

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