What about subscriptions on ELK?

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My questions is, what about subscription gold or platino and the cost of hardware resource data?

I only pay for subscription? or Subscription and hardware resource data consuptions?

If you are self hosting subscriptions are typically based on the number of nodes in you cluster and not load related metrics. If you use Elastic cloud where hosting is included that would s naturally different.

Hi Christian,

I read de document webpage and says "resource-based pricing philosophy"(https://www.elastic.co/pricing/philosophy)

And not say about the cost of nodes. that confusme respect subscriptions.

what about that?

Elastic Cloud pricing is available online. If you wish to self host you should contact Elastic sales.

So, if self host or on premisse, you refer nodes about elasticsearch instances, kibana instances, logstash instances, not about angets?

I believe it is based on Elasticsearch nodes only if you self host. Logstash and Kibana nodes as far as I know do not count. Pricing for a not based on user count, amount of ingest, query volume or data volume held in cluster.

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Thank you so much. :+1:

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