Deploy Logstash pipeline through Gitlab CI/CD


I use Centralized Pipeline Management for creation and management pipeline. But I can’t saved changing of pipeline settings .

Because of it I started use Gitlab to store pipelines config.
And now I need perform two action: change pipeline in Kibana and after it copy changes to Gitlab.

What do I need to do for auto deploy pipeline config from Gitlab?

it is not clear what exactly you want to do, but If you are using the Centralized Pipeline Management in Kibana you cannot change your pipeline locally anymore, everything needs to be done through Kibana.

Did you disable the Centralized Pipeline Management? Can you give a little more context?


I don't disable Centralized Pipeline Management. But I need change config in Gitlab and auto deploy config to Kibana. It is important for save changes of config.

I need next flow:
Gitlab commit -> Deploy config to Kibana

Kibana uses the logstash pipeline api to interact with elasticsearch and create and save the pipelines.

There is nothing that do what you want, you will need to build it yourself usingo this API and some custom tool, maybe some python scripts.

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