How to use Central Management Pipelines without specifying pipeline id and restarting logstash


I am running an ELK stack using docker.
I have configured logstash and kibana to enable the central management pipelines.
Unfortunately when I create a new pipeline via the UI it doesn't seem to register unless I add the pipeline ID to the config file, then restart the logstash contaier.

It was my understanding that one benefit of the Central Management Pipelines feature was to control the pipelines via the UI rather than having to write the logstash files.

Am I missing a step here. If I must restart the logstash server and update the config each time I add a pipeline wouldn't it make sense to just write conf files.

Ideally I'd like to add additional pipelines without stopping the existing pipelines to restart the container. Some of the pipelines can have long running streams of data, and stopping the container to add additional pipelineIds is not optimal.

Hi @rwatts3, unfortunately this is a current limitation of the central management feature. It allows you to configure a pipeline and then manage it centrally, but not add or remove pipelines dynamically.

The feature request is here:

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