Deploying Kibana in Production mode

(Harshal Yeole) #1

I have installed ELK stack on the local machine by following the link.
according to the doc,

We start Kibana by bin/kibana and elastic search by bin/elasticsearch commands.

But this is started without the daemon. What are the best practices to make it run in the background?

Is using nohup a good option?

(kulkarni) #2

Hi there,
nohup is just a shortcut. I would recommend you not to use it . Use an init script, systemd, Upstart, or whatever your operating system recommends. bin/kibana is just a bash script that started up the node process, so it'll show up in your process list as node.


(Harshal Yeole) #3

Okay thanks

(Harshal Yeole) #4

Does it work with installations from TAR files?

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