Deployment disk usage

I'm using Elastic deployment with apps: Elasticsearch, Kibana, APM, Fleet, Enterprise Search.
(All these apps located on one disk).
So I need to set up an alert of disk space (90%).
How and where can I do it?

I tried to use: Stack Management > Rules > STACK MONITORING > Disk Usage
BUT it didn't work

Did you install metricbeat as well? You need metricbeat to collect the data, this alert uses metricbeat data.

But I'm using Elastic cloud with their Disk space...

I do not use Elastic Cloud, but according to the documentation the Monitoring needs to be enabled on your deployment.

Check this part of the documentation

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Just to be precise, if you're using Elastic Cloud, all those deployment components are not deployed on a single VM nor do they share disk space.

The most important disk disk to monitor is the data node disk space.

As @leandrojmp mentioned first, you need to turn on monitoring and then there are out of the box alerts that you can configure.

I think this page will give you a nice overview

And here is a section in alerting

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