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Im trying to do pretty simple thing for our ElasticSearch cluster ( and i cant seems to find the right way of doing so.

i have an Elasticsearch cluster managed by and i've used to monitor it using elastic-exporter deployment on our GKE to be able to get notified for high cpu, high memory , etc.

i wanted to remove these exporters and to use monitoring and alerts of Kibana.
from the ES console i've enabled 'shipping metrics to deployment' (god knows why this option exists) so i assumed i should see now metrics data on kibana to be able to alert on that.

on Kibana, when looking on 'Stack monitoring' we see all needed graphs, cpu , memory, indexes, etc, but when switchinbg to 'Stack management' in order to create alert on any metric , i cannot find metrics information. everything is empty.
also on 'Observability' the nodes list is empty.

is anyone was able to create alerts from kibana for the Elasticsearch cluster itself?
i see there are options to install metricbeat and other to monitor other components.
i only want to monitor the existing cluster, it make no sense i need to install any module for that.

any idea?

If you "Ship to a deployment" it's going to be shipping the metrics to another Elastic Cloud deployment.

If you've configured that and selected a cluster, then you will need to login to the cluster you selected to view the Monitoring information.

thanks for your response.

i've indeed chose 'ship to deployment' and i chose the existing cluster.
again, on the Stack monitoring i do see the monitoring data and all the graphs.
but , on Stack management, i dont.


The Stack Monitoring plugin ships automatically with alerts, which you can read about here.

If you want to create your own alerts on the stack monitoring data, you have two choices:

Alternatively, you can file a request to have a specific alert created with Stack Monitoring automatically.

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