Deprecation of old map visualizations in OSS Kibana?

I'm not sure where to best ask this but a bunch of tasks were closed in github with the message about how a new map visualization is being built and so no more work will be done with the existing ones (an example would be

I'm assuming this is talking about the new GIS app ( I understand that that app will be an x-pack app, so it currently means that OSS users will not have access to it.

Does this mean that OSS Kibana will no longer have any map visualizations?

@thomasneirynck please?


hi @trevan,

When we release the GIS-app, we will preserve the old map visualizations in Kibana OSS. So the Region Maps and Coordinate Maps Visualizations will continue to be maintained, alongside the upcoming GIS-app. The latter will likely get the bulk of the new feature additions though.

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