Important comment on Git issue #7717: "Map visualizations not working anymore"

Dear Kibana Community,

we've seen, that there was an issue, that Kibana's Map visualizations did not work any more (#7717). Going the issue down, user:jamesspi added a comment mid oj July last year and proposed to use our open and free OpenStreetMap Map-Service. In general, we are happy to deliver the map for the Kibana community, but we'd like to add two comments:

(1) user:jamesspi pointed you to the URL of our tile-server:

We propose to use the official URL

The rest is the same!
Background: We will hide the "ows-tile-Server" behind our firewall soon, so the map-service from ows-tile will not be available for the public any more. The service from "" will remain open and we are happy, when you use it.

(2) The data used for the map-service origins from the OpenStreetMap project. So, if anybody uses this map-service, it is in the duty of the user to add a (c)-attribution to the map, that refers to the data origins license and policy. So please add an attribution somewhere in the corner of your map like this:
(c) OpenStreetMap contributors

Including a link that points to

Also we would be pleased, if you would point to the origin of the service, to us :wink:

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Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

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