Design Decision on Elastic Search - Replace Searchable Entity on Primary DB

Hi guys I cant seem to find an answer to this question, can you please clarify my question.

I have a normal database such as mongo where I store my domain related data, customers, products, prices.

Now I came with the request of having search functionality over AN EXISTING entity (let's say products) Do I need to store product entity in both elastic search and my domain/primary database? Or elastic search will completely replace the need of storing the same entity in my primary db?

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That's really up to you and your business requirements and the resources you have available for the project.

eg I understand that Mongo has some search capabilities, will they fulfil your project requirements? Are you happy using Elasticsearch as your primary datastore, and making the code changes to accomodate that? Likewise, are you happy making the changes to search Elasticsearch and still talk to Mongo?

I know that sounds like I am suggesting you not use Elasticsearch, but at the end of the day you need to factor in more than "can I do it".


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