Different colors of various routes

I am new to the ELK-Stack and I want to color approx. 20-30 GPS various routes in different colors. I have a CSV file with latitude, longitude and some other features. Is it possible to load the data with Logstash into Elasticsearch and visualize these routes in Kibana?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi @testuser22
There are few ways to accomplish that:

  • if you need to display the path as a line between all the points, right now the only way to achieve that is to first convert your data into a geojson file where each GPS route is a different feature, and import them into Kibana Maps (importing geojson is a beta feature right now available on 7.4)
  • if you just look to visualize your data as points with different colors depending on the route id, you can just ingest your data via logstash or via ML File data visualizer specifying the correct mapping for your coordinate as a geo_point and visualize them in Maps as single documents on the map.

you can subscribe to this ticket to get updates on the geo line feature:

I have a similar problem. I loaded the data into ES and mapped the coordinates with geo_point. Since a solid line is not really possible yet, I would like to mark all points of the same route-id with the same color. How can I visualize them in Maps as single documents on the map?

Yes, Maps can visualize single documents on a map

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