Different data visual for different Users

I have created a chatbot at some personal webpage and using kibana for storing chatlogs. I have built some visualization and a dashboard on kibana. Dashboard has been embedded into my webpage through an iframe link. Now i want to show the reports based on the specific user in kibana. Currently its showing the analysis of all the users who are chatting. How to make it user specific?
Please help and let me know if further detailing is required.

This is not currently possible. You can open a feature request. Please be descriptive as possible and explain the problem you are trying to solve and how the solution would work.

Thanks for replying so fast Nathan. I haven't found a proper way but i have tweaked it according to our need.
There is one more thing if you can help. I have embedded the dashboard using iframes and on the embedded dashboard there is a option for the user to filter the dashboard. Is there any way through which we can disable the filter for anyone who is accessing the dashboard ?

It is not possible to disable filtering in embedded dashboards

well i have also found a way to that also. Thanks for your efforts Nathan.

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