Embedded visualizations/dashboard per user or any other criteria

When embedding dashboards/visualizations is it possible to change the data source/search simply by changing the URL so that one dashboard/visualization template can be shared to a website and then the results could be displayed depending on the user or any other criteria that is sent from the website through URL? Or does this have to be done via multiple dashboards per user/criteria?

Is it possible for plugins to have links to dashboards/visualizations? An example would be just a simple menu plugin that lists dashboards and then links to them and sends some data like in the question above?

Hi @nickgregz,

thanks for reaching out. This Github issue describes a workaround how you can achieve this. If you take a look at a dashboard URL, you can see that the complete state of the dashboard is encoded there in rison along with the filters you have to adjust as described in the issue.

About your second question - do you mean a custom Kibana plugin? Those have access to all saved objects and could theoretically list out all dashboards.

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