How to control shared embedding dashboards behavior?

I'm trying to integrate embedding dashboards into another project, but i won't let dashboards so interactive (no search queries, no filters) for hiding details of back end. Is there anyway i can do this?

What we did is to embed Kibana visualisations into web pages.
We have a select which allows to change of viz and we get dynamically Kibana viz available for a given index.
We simply generated the URL that Kibana gives you when you click on "share visualisation".
We add a button to allow users to change the time slot (it was a bit painful to generate properly the url but now working fine).

Yeah. I'm already trying this. when i embed Kibana visualisations into my pages, the viz is dynamically, users can change viz or interact with it. However, in my condition, I just want users view the result rather than change it. Is there any parameters in embed URL can do this?