Different query result between http and kibana

Hi experts,

I'm trying to undestand something with a query result but I still don't get it...

I have a index (td_movies) with a lot of movies. I want to search for the movies where the title contains "star" or "wars".

In http, I make the following query :

It gives me 32 hits.

But if I try with Kibana and the following query :

GET /td_movies/_search
"query": {
"match": {
"fields.title": "Star Wars"

I get "only" 29 hits. Why is there any difference in the result? The queries seems alike for me

Any ideas?


Hi Vincent.

The curl query is most likely translated to a query string query and not a match query.
I think the match query you wrote should be equivalent to:

Thanks @dadoonet! You're right!

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