Dinamically change the default index-pattern

I would like to have multiple default index-pattern for multiple users. I use the same .kibana index for all the users. By now i managed to reroute and change the requests from a plugin but I don't know how the default index-pattern is sent to the client side. It is possible to intercept and change the default index-pattern from a plugin and to ignore the value from ./kibana/config?

hi @ccrecana,

The configuration of the default index pattern is also in the Kibana-server (ie. the middle-ware between the Kibana frontend and Elasticsearch), which loads the configuration. So the intercepting you describe, I don't really see that work in a simple way.

This sounds more like a new feature request. Could you log it here, https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new, and add a description of your use-case?


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