No default index pattern

[Kibana 6.5.1]

I have two index-pattern defined and I have already indexed some data in the related indices.
I have already chosen a default index among those index-patterns.

Sometimes, Kibana shows me this message : "No default index pattern. You must select or create one to continue."
and redirect me to the index management page.

I don't understand this inconstent state with no apparent reason.


Just to double-check, I'm assuming you've followed the instructions to set a default index pattern listed here:

If you're still getting an indication that no default index-pattern is set, it's possible there's an issue. The issue might have already been identified, it just depends on the specific circumstances around when this occurs. I'd encourage you to check the relevant issues here once you determine when it happens and see if it's been identified. If so, you can watch the issue. Otherwise, please feel free to report a new issue if you believe it is one!



I used the kibana API to create all the stuff (dashboards, index-patterns) and to set default indexpattern to apm-squash .


I have many other index-patterns, is there a maximum size for the index-pattern saved object ?

I think the problem comes from this request:

Kibana requesting only 10000 per page.
I think it's pretty broad for the majority of cases, but may be too low from my use case.

How can I change this value ?

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