Why is there even a default index pattern?

Kibana demands a default index pattern is set before anything else can be done, but why?

From what I can tell, the default index pattern is only used when the Discover tab is loaded. I'm fine with there being a default option there, but do I really have to set one? Can't Discover just without any index selected without it?

The Discover tab can't do anything without selecting an index pattern, because there would be no data to discover. Having a default index pattern ensures that there is always something for Discover to look at.

It can't show a list of available indexes to choose from? It can't redirect to the index patterns management page if no index patterns exist?

My point is Kibana has evolved to do much more than just the Discover tab.

If there are no index patterns to choose from, the Discover tab will redirect to the Index Patterns management page:

My point is Kibana has evolved to do much more than just the Discover tab.

I completely agree -- the apps within Kibana that don't rely on Index Patterns (such as DevTools, Management, Machine Learning, and Monitoring) don't force you to create an index pattern first.

There is certainly room for improvement though. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the experience, we'd love to hear about them. Feel free to open an issue if you have recommendations for us!

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