List logs from all indices in Discover (Kibana)

Problem: Not able to list/visualize logs from all indices at once in Discover (Kibana)

I tried to list logs from all indices by selecting the "" index, which i have set as default index. Not happening. I am able to see only "monitoring-es" in the "" index (set as default index).

Please help or let me know if you guys need more information.

Also, i want to know what exactly happens when you set an index as "default".

All efforts are very much appreciated.

I think you can create an index pattern "*" in Management - Index Patterns.


Thank you for the reply !!

I tried that; creating an index as * in Management - Index Patterns.

Not working for me.

If that is how it is supposed to be done, then i should be missing something.

Appreciate any directions.

Actually you don't usually create an index pattern for all indexes. What are your indexes names? Do they have data? In what timeframe?

  • I believe I am not looking for creating an index pattern.
  • Also, i have two indices created, and they do have data in them.

What i am looking for is a way to list the data of all indices in the Discover tab.

Something like, index=*

Also, in the Discover tab, there is this drop down menu where i am able to select the index that will let me view the data of that particular index. But my aim is to view the data from all indices at once.

(In Splunk this is done by searching, index=*)

Thanks for the help ! Appreciate it.

As far as I know, in Kibana you should to create an index pattern, in your case *, and then in the discover drop down you select that pattern.

Yes. You are right.

I am able to do this. But when i select the index * from the drop down menu, i am not able to view logs from all indices. Index * just shows the Kibana system logs.

Have you adjusted the time range on top? Maybe your data is not in the selected range.

Yes. I have checked that part.

In the selected time range, i am able to view logs in the respective indices.

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