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I have a CSV which is as follow:

Name Age
A 35
B 25

I want to make a visualization which will have Name on X-axis and Age on Y-axis. Now someone should be able to see the the corresponding age for a name suppose A is 35 on Y-axis. But I tried it it only shows me count and unique count but I am not able to get the exact age of any name. Can anyone help.

do you have uniq name?
select bar chart.
try Y axes = max and then age
X axes = term = name

by default it will have only 10 name on X axes if you have 1000 name then it is not good way to do this.
You can change that default value to your liking.

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Hi, I followed the steps you said but it doesn't work could you please help. After adding max on the Y-axis I am not able to add any field name on it.

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