Disable authentification for elasticsearch

hi everyone,
can i delete my user elastic and the password and make kibana and elastic accessible without any authentication needed.

if so send me an article or a tutorial, thanks.

What Version?
What Security Have you already Setup?

hi there,

i disables ssl for now but xpack is on

Set these two in the Elasticsearch.yml and restart

xpack.security.enabled: false
xpack.security.enrollment.enabled: false

okay thank you very much for your answer!!

Why do yo want to do this though?

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I'm trying to transfer data from app search which i used to index data into elastic, into prestashop via a module. That module won't connect to elastic server no matter what i do.

So i thought maybe it's because of the authentication so i thought about removing it since i couldn't find any place in the module's code to add my user and password.

Correct me if i'm wrong.

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