Discover and transform don't show the same format on the same date field

When i discover the index pattern=shopee_smart_sorting_my_db__address_match_result_tab*
in Discover, it show the right format of "ctime" field

While when i use transform, it looks totally wrong,

What happened?

add one more point:
when i use transform for index pattern, it shows the column in chart, but no value. Pretty strange!

Can you share the exact version you're using? We can then try to reproduce.

Kibana's version is v 7.9.2.

the type of ctime field is:
"ctime": {
"type": "date",
"format": "epoch_second"

I was able to reproduce your issue in 7.9.2, the date field formatting for epoch_second is wrong in the Transforms UI. It looks like this was fixed in 7.10+ so upgrading should solve the problem for you.

I used these commands in Dev Console to verify:

PUT /test
{ "mappings": {"properties": {"post_date": {
} } } } 

PUT /test/_doc/2
  "user" : "test1",
    "post_date" : "20150101T121030.000+01:00"

PUT /test/_doc/1
  "user" : "test2",
    "post_date" : 1521389162

GET test/_search 

Transforms UI 7.9.2:

Transforms UI 7.10.2:

Let us know if you get still empty cells in other columns after the upgrade. There were some related fixes in regards to nested field across some releases.

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